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Our Sales and Customer Success teams loved how David challenged them to think about sales differently. His delivery was very engaging and his honest, empathetic approach really helped put us in our customers’ shoes. The content covered many relevant concepts and armed the team with tons of tactics they could use immediately. Highly recommend!

David delivers the best quality management and sales content we have seen. He gets beyond tactics to the science behind why those tactics work and his approach makes it easy and enjoyable for the team to absorb new concepts. We have seen a significant change in the sophistication of how our team approaches conversations with customers and prospects.

David’s approach redefined how our global sales team looked at selling like no other training I’ve seen! His content is superior and his delivery is impeccable and engaging. I have never had sellers come back to me after training and ask “When can we do more?!?” That’s when you know they learned a ton.

David’s content and delivery style are rare among mainstream sales methodologies. His approach is unique and relatable, using stories and memorable concepts to make his ideas easy to digest and fast to implement. His motivational program provided our team with real-world tactics to help open conversations, develop the sales process, and close new business with customers.

I can confidently say David’s training drove immediate results. Just days after the training I saw tactics from the program being put into action and our Slack channels were lighting up with team members asking for more. David, you have left your mark on our crew along with a formula for sales success. Thank you.

David’s training garnered a near-perfect feedback score from our team! The team was extremely engaged the entire time and everyone felt they learned messaging and discovery tactics they could put into practice immediately. David is a fantastic trainer and our team can’t wait for him to come back for more.

Every member of our sales and customer success teams loved David’s training! David was highly engaging and the combination of tactical advice and thought-provoking strategies struck just the right balance. Our team left excited to put their new-found knowledge into practice immediately.

We were very impressed with David’s training! David teaches more than just sales. He teaches the human side of working and communicating with buyers. We have a younger sales team and it’s very rare to find a trainer who can engage, motivate and energize them like David did. He made a big impression on our team and our company!

David’s training was truly a milestone for our growing Sales team and his science & empathy-based approach gave us a selling philosophy we desperately needed. He did such a fantastic job connecting with the reps they were actually sad when the training program was over! We’re looking forward to more sessions in the future.

During my evaluation of sales trainers trainers, the process that David led was what really differentiated him. The experience was exactly what I wanted potential customers to feel when working with our team. Not surprisingly, David far exceeded expectations. His content was clear, concise, and digestible, and the feedback from the team was incredible!

World-class sales training is hard to find, but we found it with Cerebral Selling. David helped our team improve our sales strategy, process, and motions and delivered an excellent balance between instant results and big-picture strategies for the long term. Our team experienced an instant uplift from the sessions, and still have plenty to work on together for the future.

David is an exceptional trainer! He tailors his content based on your company’s specific training needs and facilitates incredible, thoughtful discussions across sales individual contributors and leaders alike. We’ve worked with David over the past year and have a stronger, more effective sales team as a result of this partnership.

David is a true sales thought leader and his training program helped our company transform the approach and techniques we use to engage clients and grow revenue.  His innovative and authentic approach and deep knowledge of the latest sales technologies and trends made him an invaluable asset to our team!

I’ve participated in a lot of sales training over my career and David’s is one of the best. His sessions are engaging, relatable, full of relevant examples, and provides practical tips that you can implement straight away. If you’re a salesperson or sales manager thinking about his program, don’t think. Just do it.

I believe compelling storytelling is a key skill to succeed in sales, marketing and success roles. David is both a master storyteller and teacher of the art and science of selling. It’s no surprise that the Cerebral Selling program garnered awesome feedback from our teams. So glad we made the investment!

Based on the approach I learned at David’s training I cleaned up my pipeline and started focusing on the opportunities that really mattered. My results were instantaneous. The first month after implementing David’s approach I hit 304% of my quota and the trend continued into the subsequent months as well!

David’s training was by far one of the best I’ve ever taken. Within days of putting his techniques into practice, I saw an immediate lift in my talk time on calls. David is a fantastic teacher who aspires to foster the type of sales professionals that people actually like to deal with. I can’t wait to learn more from him in the future. Do not hesitate to bring him into your organization!

David hit it out of the park with his training! He has such a great way of engaging and teaching and it’s no surprise that our sessions garnered rave reviews from our experienced team of sellers. We’re looking forward to having him back for more.

One of the best investments we ever made! Not only did our experienced sellers and leaders love the training and take to the tactics quickly, but it’s amazing that after so many months they not only continue to leverage the content but discovering new ways of using it in different selling situations. Highly recommend!

Our team has used David’s training twice now. In both cases, David did a fantastic job balancing high level concepts with actual tactics to help team members in their day-to-day day activities. David shared personal stories and context from his own experiences in the sales leadership trenches, helping scale companies like ours. Beyond the tactics, our team left with a great appreciation for the mindset of conviction and resiliency we need to succeed!

Cerebral Selling has been a home run with my sales team! We even had client success and marketing attend and everyone walked away with new techniques to enhance how they engage with both prospects and customers.

Implementing David’s teachings have had a profound effect on my performance. His tactics helped me differentiate my solution in a very crowded market and remove price as a barrier. I recently won two of my biggest deals to date. Deals I would not have won last year. I’m currently one of the top performing reps in my region and my conversion rate is above average.

David’s presentation to our community of sales leaders and founders hit all the right notes! They walked away with both strategic and tactical knowledge, had fun, were challenged in the right places, and felt really seen. From an organizer’s perspective, David was a total pro; proactive, impeccably organized, communicative, and had lots of creative ideas to create a unique presentation experience.

Whenever you pull your sales team off the floor for training, there’s always the question of value and engagement. But with David’s mix of high-quality content and thought-provoking exercises, the team was super-engaged the whole time! They left with tactics they could put to use immediately and the feedback was amazing.