Because modern sales leadership is hard!

I get it.

Your company is counting on you to crush your [insane] revenue targets. You have a team, a strategy, and a comp plan you wish was just a liiiiiiiittle bit more lucrative.

You’re trying not to develop PTSD from the non-stop email and Slack notifications. And between the infinite meetings, deadlines, recruiting, and employee drama, you’re trying your best to live a life that exists outside of your quota.

Investing in your own personal and professional development is important but always seems to take a back seat to the fire drill of the day. At the same time, you realize that if you don’t take the time to pause, learn, and get better, those financial, career, and personal goals will keep getting further away.

You’re living the sales leadership dream, but you don’t have to go it alone!

Sales Leadership Labs is a program designed to help revenue leaders like you do three things:

  1. Develop and deepen the skills you need to build & retain high-growth revenue teams in today’s environment
  2. Get the real-time coaching and resources you need to bust through roadblocks
  3. Feel confident and supported in your journey by a community of like-minded leaders.

Space in the program is limited!

If you’re thinking of taking this program, DO IT! You won’t be sorry. As a 2nd line leader, the program helped me become more consistent and structured in the high-value management behaviors I had been doing for years while adding a ton of helpful new tactics for getting the most out of my team. I really can’t say enough good things about it.

David delivers the best quality management and sales content we have seen. He gets beyond tactics to the science behind why those tactics work and his approach makes it easy and enjoyable for the team to absorb new concepts. We have seen a significant change in the sophistication of how our team approaches conversations with customers and prospects.

David’s leadership training offered real-world tactics that can be implemented immediately. The concepts are simple and actionable all while remaining people-centric and focused on driving results. Highly recommend this program for new people managers/leaders.