The SaaS Startup Founders Guide (Feb 2017)

Chapter 5: Driving Customer Engagement by David Priemer

"We all have kind of the same formulaic approach that gets used on us. So it’s really incumbent upon us to think a little bit differently about how we’re engaging our clients." the video

"Imagine you were calling someone to tell them they won $10 million in the lottery. Think about how your tone, expression, and confidence would manifest themselves in that conversation. Would you be inhibited because you’d feel you were bothering the other person? No! You’d be excited because you know they should want to talk to you. Turning your attention back to your solution, think about the value it could provide to your customer in the same terms. What value proposition would you have to channel to generate the same level of enthusiasm and conviction in your customer? Then practice that value proposition over and over until your pitch radiates the conviction you need.” more

"Certain words and phrases simply have magical powers. The word 'because' is one of them. In a sentence, the conjunctive 'because' triggers the listener's brain to say, 'Oh, the thing I'm going to hear after this word will be a justification for the thing I heard before it,' and the magical way this word works can be a formidable ally in your sales efforts!" more

Top reps are always looking to up their game and one of the best ways to do that is through coaching provided by the sales manager. While having a sound approach to high-impact coaching is important, one of my more

Ask the right questions
There’s only so much you can discern from a resume. But even when you get that one-to-one interview, it’s still hard to cover everything in an hour or less — especially on an emotional intelligence level.

“The secret to long-term more

Ensure Your Customer Love Is Represented Publicly

Google your company name and add “reviews” to the end of your search. Chances are if you’ve done this the first few results that appear are for sites like G2Crowd, TrustRadius, Capterra, and Getapp. Now do the same thing with your primary competitors. How do you stack up? more

Beware of Customer Inertia
The single biggest challenge modern sales teams face is inertia. Inertia, or status quo bias, is the tendency for companies to employ the same practices, policies, and technologies they’ve always used more

Referrals From Customers Convert 400% Greater Than Leads Generated By Sales Reps
Over the years I’ve found the best way to set warm, qualified sales appointments is through a referral from a customer or employee advocate. That is, a customer or employee who is already familiar with your solution and value proposition and more

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