Target Your Message with this Amazingly Simple Technique

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In a previous post, I talked about how sellers (and marketers) can use pain as a vehicle to help their message cut through the noise and reach their target audience. Today, as we work to sharpen your message down to a fine point, we’re going to discuss on a complementary tactic; targeting.

Have you ever worked up an awesome pitch in your head only to see the look of confusion on the face of your target audience when you deliver it? What happened? If your message was clear, authentic, and delivered with conviction chances are it fell short because it wasn’t properly targeted.

Targeting is the process of matching a value proposition to a specific persona within a core market. For example, suppose you owned a gym and were trying to convince people to join it. You could market your gym in a number of ways:

  1. An investment that can increase your lifespan by 10 years
  2. A center with an unparalleled focus on personalizing a workout regiment to each member’s fitness journey
  3. A state-of-the-art, neighborhood facility with the most modern equipment, trainers, and exercise programs.

Which one is best? Well, that depends on the type of person you’re trying to reach. The third message may resonate most with a person who already exercises regularly at an older facility farther from their home. On the other hand, someone who just suffered a life-threatening heart attack may more strongly gravitate towards the first message. The key is understanding the continuum of messages that align with your value proposition so you can summon the right one for the right prospect.

This video outlines an amazingly simple technique you can use to ensure your message hits the mark every time!

In this second bonus video, I show you how to take the targeting technique shown in the first video, and chain the messages you developed together to produce a high impact, compelling pitch! Enjoy!


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