Target Your Message with this Amazingly Simple Technique

In a previous post, I talked about how sellers (and marketers) can use pain as a vehicle to help their message cut through the noise and reach their target audience. But have you ever worked up an awesome pitch in your head only to see the look of confusion on the face of your target audience when you deliver it?

What happened?

If your message was clear, authentic, and delivered with conviction chances are it likely fell short because it wasn’t properly targeted.

Targeting is the process of matching a value proposition to a specific persona within a core market. For example, suppose you owned a boutique, personal training gym and were trying to convince people to join it. You could market the business to your audience as:

  1. a critical investment in your health and longevity
  2. a place to get personalized fitness coaching when everything else you’ve tried hasn’t worked
  3. a state-of-the-art, neighborhood facility gym the most modern equipment, trainers, and exercise programs.

Which one will land best?

Well, that depends on the type of audience you’re trying to reach.

The first message may resonate most with someone who just suffered a life-threatening heart attack and is now fearful of the cost of not being physically active.

The second message may be well-suited to someone who’s frustrated with their previous investments in fitness or training.

The third message may target a person who already exercises regularly at an older facility farther from their home.

The beauty here is not having to choose just one of these messages. But rather, understanding the spectrum of messages and value propositions your business represents so you can summon the right one for the right prospective customer.

This video outlines an amazingly simple technique you can use to ensure your message hits the mark every time!

In this second video, I show you how to take the targeting technique shown in the first video, and chain the messages you developed together to produce a high impact, compelling pitch! Enjoy!


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